We are a company committed in offering and guaranteeing the best results, therefore our service of auditing has as main pillar the verification of:

  • Installation conditions.
  • Equipment.
  • Correct Operation of equipment.
  • Commissioning.
  • Operation.
  • Configuration.


Electrical energy:

We offer auditing with a great technical and operative capability in automation, protection and management of the electrical energy integrating protections, control and measurement for Electrical Substations of Transmission and Distribution, Hydroelectric and Thermal Power stations 


Oil and Gas

Our knowledge and capacity in all the systems and automation related to the production, transport and product processing of oil and gas, from the wellhead and the compression stations to the final mixing and the storage in cisterns, allows us to offer specialized auditing for this sector.



A great responsibility of the modern technology is the preservation of the environment, the impulse of the sustainable development and the securing of potable water provision for the population. In this context our auditing experience plays a fundamental role in the implementation of the solutions. 


Industry and Mining

Automatizacion Avanzada S.A. realizes auditing for the automation of processes with control systems using technologies in: instrumentation, actuators, speed variators, PlCs, networks, Human-machine communication protocols and interfaces. 



The demand of intelligent buildings has grown in Colombia by the incensement of the construction. Additionally, each day a bigger ecological consciousness exists, which seeks the rationing use of the nonrenewable resources, therefore it looks for administrate the buildings in a efficient form reducing the power consumption, the water consumption and the operative costs, in which we support with our auditing service, optimal results.


Electrical boards

Automatizacion Avanzada S.A. offers auditing services based on quality policies to guarantee the satisfaction of its clients. Our system of quality management is under the lineament of the ISO 9001-2000 norm, which makes to the constant improvement of our processes and services. 


Food and beverages

 Our experience in industrial processes allows us through the auditing services, to support by means of work personnel specialized in solutions that guarantee an answer in the shortest time, following high standards of quality and our ISO9001 certification to offer reliability to our clients. 



The Integral Management of the Traffic Security systems requires of maximum attention and dedication at any time by the operator, a task that turns out arduous and complicated when having to accede to the control of different systems almost in a simultaneous form.