• Gateway de protocolos

• Concentrador de datos

• Conectador serial

• Procesador de automatización



SMP 4/DP: Nivel entrada Generalmente instalado directamente en un gabinete de relevador de protección, el SMP 4 / DP Gateway es perfecto para las aplicaciones en espacio reducido, donde cada pulgada cuenta.  Caja compacta  Amplio rango de temperatura de operación  Rentable


SMP SG 4250

Eaton leverages more than 20 years of hardware and software development with its SMP™ SG-4250 substation gateway and delivers one of the most advanced substation automation solutions on the market. With its robust, flexible and scalable design, the SMP SG-4250 substation gateway is an evolving solution that adapts to new market requirements.  



SMP SG 4260

Eaton has been at the forefront of utility automation systems evolution with its SMP Gateway line of products that leverages 25 years of experience working with utilities to provide solutions to their most challenging automation projects. The SMP SG-4260 gateway is one of the most advanced automation platforms in the industry and provides all the functions required by the modern automation system in a single highly reliable and powerful package. In addition to data concentration, protocol translation and logic processing, it provides a built-in HMI and secure remote maintenance access to substation and field devices, reducing operating cost  and increasing productivity for a large variety of applications.