The equipment configuration is realized to obtain a program or specialized computer science system according to the requirements of the users

With the equipment configuration is guaranteed a optimum operation in all the procedures, since it is necessary that the parameterization is realized and executed based in the system requirements, taking into account the equipment and the components characteristics that are required to add, modify or eliminate, fulfilling the established parameters by the needs as much for hardware as for software. 

Assambly and Installation of Equipment


We count on a great experience in the area of electrical assemblies which include:

  • Engineering of development, which includes design of wiring and pipe routes, design of electrical diagrams, accompaniment in the execution of the project.
  •  Installation of cable tray 
  •  Laying of conduit pipeline 
  •  Laying of control, power and instrumentation wiring 
  •  Power and control board design, assembly and installation 
  •  Laying, wiring and configuration of communications networks, DIO, RIO, ETHERNET, MODBUS RS-485, PROFIBUS 
  • Installation and configuration of diverse equipments of instrumentation, pressure transmitters, Flow meters, PT100 and probes for level measurement
  • Supply of equipment with the adequate technical characteristics, achieving that the assembly and installation of equipments are realized in the agreed times that give an excellent commissioning