We count on a work team committed to provide the best solutions according to the specifications and requirements of our clients.

In the assembly of the boards, we integrate different brands of electrical components with a metallurgical industry that fulfills the quality requirements. 


We contemplate fundamental aspects that guarantee the excellent service and operation.

  • Climatic conditions
  • Sealing
  • Elements of the assembly
  • Cable 
  • Client

All the realized procedures are verified by the quality department in order to fulfill the standards established by the ISO 9001 norm of certification. In addition, after the assembly tests are performed together with the engineering department which gives the approval to take the boards to the commissioning, to realize the assembly in site and the verification of the optimal operation 



We identify the needs of our clients based on their requirements and our recommendations, providing the best quality equipment, identifying correctly the equipment to be provided, the suitable technical characteristics to realize the elaboration of the diagrams, to lead the assembly logistic, to develop software (if it is necessary), tests, commissioning and execution of the reliable and suitable control systems for its implementation 

For the evaluation of the design of the diagrams we consider mainly:

  • Calculation of the capabilities of the required equipments 
  • Definition and calculation of the protections of the installed equipment and the ones to be installed.
  • Requisition of the materials and equipment to install 
  • Elaboration of disposition diagrams of the equipment within the cabinet 
  • Elaboration of electrical diagrams.

 It is our commitment to comply the application of the ISO 9000 certification norm in the quality processes of the company, from the equipment purchase, storage, assembly, design of diagrams and product tests to the commissioning