AUTOMATIZACION AVANZADA S.A. initiates its activities the 1st of January of 1997, motivated by the special needs of expansion and technological modernization of the Colombian electrical sector and by the permanent requirements of technical advance of the national industry.
AUTOMATIZACION AVANZADA S.A. has like origin the old department of applications and systems of the Colombian subsidiary of the Schneider Group, and it has been consolidated like a company able to supply the engineering needs, design, equipment supply and solutions in automation and control, communications, protections, and electrical energy management, starting from the more than 10 years of experience acquired by its founders in the development of projects for diverse industrial sectors.



Advanced Automation S.A supplies innovative Electrical Engineering Solutions; in response to the needs of its business partners, boosting its development. We design and integrate projects in the Energy, Mining, Oil, Gas and Infrastructure sectors. We market Quality Products with the appropriate technical support.

We honor the After Sales Service.

We manage with quality, taking care of the environment and contributing to the development of the community and our collaborators.


For 2022 Advanced Automation S.A will be a highly recognized engineering company in Colombia and in Latin America in the supply of high quality solutions, products and services to its customers, with innovative and sustainable business models that satisfy our collaborators, allies and shareholders 



  • Comply with the agreed time for delivery.
  • Comply with the budgeted costs.
  • Comply with the projected profit margin.
  • Comply with the sales figure and projected turnover figure.
  • Provide optimal operating solutions with reliability and safety.
  • Provide systems and products that are adaptable and easy to operate.
  • Provide an excellent service

Quality management

Advanced Automation S.A. It has a Quality Management System (QMS) that is certified under ISO 9001: 2008 since 2000.  

This was developed as a strategy to provide solutions that satisfy with the highest quality the needs of our customers guaranteed under a fully controlled system and thus respond to the new challenges facing the market 



This diagram shows the processes of the company and the interrelation between them to achieve the continuous improvement of our quality management system.

OPERATIONAL PROCESSES: with which the economic activity of the company is developed. 

SUPPORT PROCESSES: they serve as support for the development of the operative processes.

HIGH-ADDRESS PROCESSES: show the company's planning procedures.

Environmental Management


By being aware that the business sector is currently generating more changes in society, it is natural that we also assume a responsibility in the type of future we are creating.

In this sense, Advanced Automation S.A wants to make its contributions from its routine / non-routine activities, generating and promoting measures that protect the environment.

On June 28, 2012, it achieved ISO 14001 certification, thanks to the fact that it included environmental aspects in its activities that lead to sustainable development in the environment.

Certification that was granted by Bureau Veritas 

Occupational Health and Safety Management System


Our company, convinced of the importance of human resources within any organization, is committed to the prevention of work accidents and occupational diseases.

In this sense and as a very useful tool to ensure this commitment, Advanced Automation S.A developed the necessary actions to achieve certification in the OHSAS 18001 standard, delivered on June 28, 2012 by Bureau Veritas  



  • Prevent the occurrence of occupational accidents.
  • Prevent the occurrence of occupational diseases. 
  • Improve the skills of our employees.
  • Moderate the use of natural resources.
  • Identify hazards, assess and assess risks and establish controls.

Human Resources

In Automation Advanced SA, our pillar is to integrate our interdisciplinary work team, competitive and dynamic staff, with a high degree of responsibility and compliance, providing synergy with their strengths and skills, generating their own growth and equipment, providing reliability and security to the goals that we have set.

We are committed and have as our main axis the well-being of our team, providing support in their professional and human development, guaranteeing physical security, offering the environment and customers, a staff with a great knowledge and expertise