Our knowledge and capacity in all the systems and automation related to the production, transport and product processing of oil and gas, from the well mouth and the compression stations to the final mixing and the storage in cisterns, with the contribution of the experience of our suppliers, we can optimize and assure the best efficiency and capital quality and resources



Oil pipeline

 With the discovery of new wells the crude transportation it’s required by pipes, creating the conception and constructive process of pipe lines in our medium.  

The particular topography characteristics , geology and weather of our country that impose in the majority of the cases difficult conditions for the construction, have forced to develop a oil pipeline engineering in agreement with these circumstances.Las características particulares de topografía, geología y clima de nuestro país, que imponen en la mayoría de los casos condiciones difíciles para la construcción, ha obligado a desarrollar una ingeniería de oleoductos acorde con estas circunstancias

Multi-product pipeline

Controlling the displacement, speed and arrival time of the different products like diesel fuel, gasoline, airplane gasoline, gas, and establish the entrance moment for the change of storage tanks, in agreement with the product class and the confirmation that the process develops normally. 

Our solution goes from programmable logical Controller (PLC), with instrumentation with TUV certification, until automation systems with a reach of an integration of the different elements, giving as a result control systems that reduce the time for the decision making and reduce the risk through the automation systems.



Automatizacion Avanzada implements extremely flexible SCADA software platforms for Oil and Gas, easy to operate and m  

Automatizacion Avanzada S.A. in the market of SCADA systems for the oil and gas industry is implementing solutions to provide immediate information on the performance of the production assets, usually dispersed in great geographic areas.

 Simultaneously oriented: to the field personnel, to the operators of control rooms and to the high management.


  • It enables to the field operatives to monitor and to analyze the performance of the equipment and the production and processing facilities.  .
  •  It monitors, controls and administers each one of the facilities from the assigned control center 
  •  It provides to the offices of Administrative direction of key data to facilitate the fast decisions taking based on precise field information 


Automation, control and monitoring of the fluid, guaranteeing custody transference in delivery terminals. The product is pumped from the main station towards the different derivations that require it, the systems of multiple delivery guarantees the quality and amount of the provided product, controlling the delivery in case of some anomaly in the system.




With the increasing demand of oil and gas around the world, the operators need to maximize the exit of the existing fields along with the future development projects destined to put in line the production of new fields. In either of the two cases, in this process the perforation and installation of new wells are included. During this process it is important that this is good installed with a reliable control system that incorporates the last control technologies of the well. 

Automatizacion Avanzada offers solutions based on the needs of the clients, the industry and the security of functionality and the norms to operate in the most rigorous environment conditions, whether for sea or land operations. 


Automatizacion Avanzada provides solutions with instrumentation for the petrochemical sectors with analytical equipment designed for these processes considering that the chemical industry has high exigencies in relation to the instrumentation used in the processes. All the instrumentation is under rigorous international directives like DGRL and ATEX. The electronic and mechanical instruments for the measurement of pressure and temperature are used for general applications also for potentially explosive zones and must maintain their operation with reliability, as much in aggressive atmospheres as in normal atmospheres. 


High-quality instrumentation for all the measurement systems. Pressure, temperature, Flow, level, analytic systems (oxygen analyzers), P-I/I-P converters, process recorders, actuators and positioners. 


Trough communication systems, the instrumentation and the control modules can be connected by protocols such as HART, MODBUS RTU, PROFIBUS, and FIELDBUS FUNDATION complement in an adequate way the technical requests of these solutions.





System of quality measurement by flow computers and chromatographs. In order to cover the measurement requirements between operative stations throughout the transport and distribution systems, Automatizacion Avanzada makes available an extensive supply of gas flow measurement systems that satisfactorily cover the measurement needs, guaranteeing transference of the custody.

The needs of exactitude required by each installation are covered by means of the installation of instruments and measurement equipment that accomplish exactly with the international norms and standards. 

 Composed by the primary element of measurement and the flow computer whose process can be realized under different sampling mechanisms as they are: orifice plate, turbine, positive displacement, coriolis or ultrasonic 


The flow computer based on end technology, counts with the necessary calculation algorithms to establish the engineering values that should be transmitted towards the HMI and control centers. The flow computer realizes the calculations with the realized sample by the measurement element and by means of the taking of auxiliary variables as they are density, pressure, temperature, etc., that allow to calculate the compensated measurements as well as a group of energetic properties of the measured product.