Automatización Avanzada S.A has extensive experience in the assembly of control equipment and the implementation of complete solutions for vehicular tunnels. instrumentation supply such as: opacimeters, luminance meters, anemometers and CO meters.



• Different types of ventilation

• Ventilation control

• Sensors



• Fire detector cable.

• Smoke stop system


• Cameras


• Control centers


We develop intelligent solutions of tunnels where visualization, signaling, control and communication systems are associated, allowing management from a friendly, where operators can respond to various situations quickly.


The Integral Management of the Traffic Safety systems requires maximum attention and dedication at all moment by the operator, a task that turns out arduous and complicated when having to accede to the control of different systems almost simultaneously. Automatizacion Avanzada S.A. develops intelligent management systems of tunnels that associates several visualization systems, signaling, control and communication that simplifies the management of such facilities, allowing its management from friendly graphical environment from which all the system is governed, allowing operators to respond to situations rapidly, as they occur.


Automation systems in tunnels.



Basic engineering is realized and detailed engineering of control systems, automation and instrumentation for use of vehicular tunnels.

We own ample experience in the assembly of control equipment and the implementation of complete solutions for vehicular tunnels. As well as the development of control algorithms for the ventilation system, as much in normal traffic as in emergency situations. For this process specialized instrumentation is used in tunnels as they are: opacimeters, luminance meter, anemometers and measurers of CO and NOx.

Also algorithms of illumination control are developed, traffic control and monitoring of electrical variables of the different substations of the inverted tunnel.

Closed circuit television (CCTV) system for Tunnels


Solutions for Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) for vehicular tunnels are implemented where cameras and domes for hostile atmospheres are, typical of vehicular tunnels. Also, video hubs are mounted, data servers and storage units, all depending on the customer needs.

These solutions may be of IP type through fiber optic links, which give a high speed response with high reliability for use.

Our systems have the possibility of realize interfaces with AID systems (automatic incident detection) to carry and take the actions that are necessary for the safety of the tunnel. 

The objectives of the tunnels supervision system with television cameras are:


  • Detection and monitoring of events and special situations of the circulation and other that can influence the coordination of the monitoring and protection functions. 
  • Help to the detection and evaluation of the reach of the incidences. 
  • Analysis and supervision of alarms and requests for crossed help from S.O.S posts within the tunnels.                       
  • Analysis and supervision of alarms and requests for crossed help from S.O.S posts within the tunnels. 

System of automatic detection of incidents in tunnels


Given the danger that the accidents represent at the tunnels interior, is necessary the implementation of a solution of automatic detection of incidents in tunnels, where the control system conducts the necessary operations to allow that the users of the route are not affected in their physical integrity.

Thanks to the combination of control systems of CCTV for tunnels and software for traffic management that makes safe the usage of the vehicular tunnel.

Within the incidents, the passage of pedestrians can be presented, vehicles with mechanical failures and accidents, where in the worst cases, a fire can jeopardize the life of the people who use the road. For that reason it is necessary to count on a safe and trustworthy system of incidents detection.


The alarms detection and incidents is done by means of suitable equipment and the supervision from the control center with tunnel control software that will help the operator in the detection and decision making. 


The equipment involved in the detection is:


  • television cameras
  • traffic meters
  • fire detectors
  • toxic gas detectors
  • SOS posts
  • Gauges
  • automatic incident detection by means of artificial vision
  • Telephone calls of individuals or institutions.